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What Happened Next November 25, 2012

Filed under: The Soul Is The Lure Of Our Becoming....Jean Houston — potterville @ 1:56 PM

I am no longer unemployed. I was given the gift of 3 month’s of paid time off before I was called back to my employer for a new position that helped my way of thinking change. During the time off I became a raw vegan, than veggie and then vegan. Now I’m 60 pounds lighter and 85% vegan. I’m more open to my soul and the soul’s of others and getting myself to a place were the negative thoughts are easily washed away…having a belief that everything we are given helps us grow. When I say given, negative and joyous…you learn from everything! So now this blog is headed in a new direction, much like my life. I want to give and learn. I am open to a whole new me, I am open to a whole new love, life, attitude and the realization that I have been given life in order to LIVE and GIVE. Even traffic is life LOL, even a crappy meal is life, joy, sadness and all the emotions you experience are and is LIFE.

So the giving.  I know now, with a dear friends help, that I help people and never knew how much I meant to them.  So again, giving, I’d like to give what I’ve learned in my young 42 years to those who need an neutral opinion.  I don’t know you, I cannot pull from my past with you, but I can give you honesty without BS and without trying to shame you or make you feel worse.  Help is making others feel better, to open their minds and hearts, to pull from the strength you always had and redirect it…to forgive and move forward.

With that, let’s see what happens next!!