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Shrimp Fried Rice January 13, 2009

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One day the hubby said lets get Chinese, wellllll, I’m trying to save money, so I make shrimp fried rice myself and it’s the best I’ve ever had.  I use leftover white rice for this and I make rice every other day so there ya go.  Anywho, start with a wok or large pan, olive oil, sesame oil, fish oil (to taste), add rice, mix around, add soy sauce (to taste) , sliced/quartered onion (we like them partially cooked, but to still have crunch) red pepper flakes, some Adobo (you’ll notice I put this in everything except sweets LOL) and garlic powder, mix around, let sit on medium heat to brown rice, mix, brown, mix, brown and when it gets to the look you want add shrimp and turn heat to medium.  I use precooked jumbo shrimp that I thaw out and pull the tails off.  After adding shrimp take another pan, pot whatever and scramble up as many eggs as you like (I use 3-4 because I make a BIG batch so I can freeze a portion).  Once the eggs are cooked, add to rice, add frozen peas and turn to high again, mix, sit, mix and serve.  I also taste as I go and add more spice if needed.  Another note, if it gets to saucy just cook on high heat and it will caramelize the sauce and keep your eye on the pot the whole time…the key to the “frying” is fast cooking.