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I’m Back May 22, 2009

Filed under: Saving Money Baby — potterville @ 6:10 PM

Finding things to write about is so freakin difficult!  There are a few things on my mind, possibly losing my job, getting out of debt and saving money!  I’ve budgeted for the losing of the job, I’m paying 2 bills off at the end of the month and putting the extra onto the last 2 and I’ve cut our grocery bill AGAIN!  A tip for not spending more money on groceries than you need is to make a list of what’s in your freezer and how many meals you can get out of that one item…right now I have 12, so no meat will be bought for a few weeks because of factoring in leftovers.  Also, ALDI is still my bestest friend!  I cook from scratch, no pre digested meals happening here and now I’m going to the farmers market for produce and my mother’s garden ;o).  So it sounds like I’m stressed, but I’m actually happy now that I have a plan…PLAN PLAN PLAN is the way to go and keep going!  The more bills I can get paid off before the displacement happens, the better off we’ll be!  So I hope everyone is preparing and saving…stretch it as far as you can!