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Bar Method – 2nd DVD February 5, 2009

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OMG I fell over on a stretch LOL  I finally did the accelerated dvd and whoa doggy was that a workout…more intense, faster with longer reps.  I was able to do all of it though thanks to doing the first dvd for weeks.  I have a feeling pain is in my future tomorrow morning.  I walked away for the living room like a broken woman and I LOVE IT!!!  I don’t know if I can shower right away because standing is difficult right now 😉  It’s official, Judie has turned me into a workout whore!


The Crock-Pot February 4, 2009

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I have been using this puppy like crazy this winter and plan to keep doing so through out the year.  Cooks while your at work, less stress, tender cheap cuts of meat and who couldn’t stand to save money on food now  a days.  Everything from chili to pork tenderloin.  Let your main dish cook all day, come home to a wonderful smell and make a few sides, all done 🙂  Oh pink crock-pot (yes pink) how I love you!

Tips:  Make sure to sear your roast/tenderloin before putting it in, put in crock pot over night with your spices to marinate and you won’t regret it.  Yummy doodle!


The Bar Method…Still

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Oh, thank you again Judie!  I’m still doing the dvd 3-4 times a week and have gone down 3 belt holes!  It NEVER EVER gets easier, because the stronger you get the lower you go.  I cannot tell you how much I love this workout…no impact and a KILLER workout.  If you would like to lose weight and can afford to purchase the dvd’s, I recommend you do so, you will not be disappointed.  I have offically turned into a convert and would hug Burr if I ever met her!  15 thumbs up!!!!