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THANK YOU Judie!!! January 13, 2009

Filed under: Exercise — potterville @ 1:14 PM

The Bar Method live it, love it, do it!!!  Judie kept going on and on about this freakin Bar Method 😉 and how good she looks (yes jealous) that I ordered the dvd’s because I don’t have a studio here and frankly, don’t like to workout in front of other people…I’m not a people person (only child…need space man).  So I get them and do one of the dvd’s and IMMEDIATELY LOVE IT!!!  Now my mother is getting sick of hearing about The Bar Method and will be trying it soon.  Check it out  This is coming from someone who is not a workout freak, but had dreams about it and looks forward to doing this dvd, to the point where I have to stop myself from doing it everyday.  So again THANK YOU Judie!!!!!!!!!


One Response to “THANK YOU Judie!!!”

  1. judie611 Says:

    You are so welcome girlfriend!!!! I am loving your blog and now want you to make me some shrimp fried rice please? You can ship it to me!!!!

    Honestly, I am so glad that you love The Bar Method. I went today even though I felt so sick. It’s an addiction!!!!

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