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Plate Size January 13, 2009

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I don’t cook “light”, I use butter and full fat foods BECAUSE I have an issue with foods being f’d with from their naturally occurring self.  So one day, I was dishing out my food and thought, this plate is just too big, I’m going to use a salad plate from now on.  Note, does not work for husbands…he eyeballed me!  So, I told myself eat what you want on the salad plate and if your not full have another serving, so no pressure and it’s worked!  I have not gone back for seconds because I’m actually full!  PLUS I can eat what I want.  Now this is ME and I love food, so this is just how this has to be in order for me to be happy and I’m happy!!!  You’ll notice a link to Judie’s Juices on the right (my friend) and she just started doing this as well with the same results 🙂


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