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Aldi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! January 13, 2009

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Take thy self to Aldi ASAP!  Our grocery bill used to be $800/mo. for 2 people and now it’s $300-$400/mo. Mind you, I still have to go to Bi-Lo for a few things, but not everything. When gas started to go up, I started taking the bus to Uptown Charlotte NC and saved hundreds on gas and parking.  While on the bus, we would pass Aldi, so I researched for about 2 weeks and off I went with my quarter in hand and my own bags.  You have to put a quarter in the cart to get it and when you take it back to the corral, you get it back…a quarters a freakin quarter okaaaay.  Also you have to bag yourself with your own bags or buy the bags there.  Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve turned into my mother and say things like, I know your not going to put that bleach with my bread youngin and just step away, I’ll do it!!!  So being able to bag myself without having to hurt the southern boys/girls feelings with my upfront Northern confrontation, is a joy!  

Aldi is a basic/bare bones store…one brand, Aldi and some special purchases of name brand stuff, but you don’t save that much on them unless they are still sitting there for a few weeks.  Stopped myself from getting processed Pringles for $.99 because of my upchuck theory and immediately thought, how can I make something that tastes like Chez Ums.  So if you want sugar, one brand THEIRS.  I love it, because there is no temptation.

My main purchases are fresh pork chops, fresh beef roast, frozen shrimp, tilapia and salmon as well as frozen ground beef. Canned sauces, beans, soups, mushrooms and evaporated milk (hate milk, so I make sure I have cans on hand for cooking), eggs, cheese, hazelnut creamer for coffee ($1 something compared to $3 something! LARGE size), dog food, dog treats, some pasta (I like whole grain, but sometimes I want white pasta), sugar, flour, spices, butter, tuna, some fresh fruit and veggies.  I’m sure there more, but you get the idea.

Things that may shock you.  Check out lines can get long, but because the cashier is not bagging your items, it moves quickly!  There are only like 4-5 lanes and your in and out so fast that your wife/husband will ask you, did you go or what…quoting my lovely husband (eyebrow up).  Also, you cannot use coupons, but prices are so low, you won’t be phased and they only take cash or debit cards…real money.


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