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Beef Roast January 12, 2009

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Okay so I saw a recipe on the Food Network for a sauce to go over beef roast…cream of mushroom soup mixed with onion soup mix (in packet).  Because I like to change recipes, I added some Worcestershire and a squeeze of ketchup, don’t know why the ketchup, but it worked…trust me.  This is the shet!  I coated the beef roast with Adobo, garlic powder and black pepper, pan seared, de-glazed pan with a little water and poured into soup mixture, put the roast over cut up onions in crock pot, poured mix over and about 7 hours later (on high) WONDERMUS!  For the Puerto Rican hubby I put it over rice, but for this mixed up girl, I put it over egg noodles YUM!  The man doesn’t normally like beef roast and if you know anything about Puerto Ricans, pig is the meat of choice LOL, but he loved this above all beef roasts I’ve made.  Try it!  Don’t worry, we had salads with it.


One Response to “Beef Roast”

  1. judie611 Says:

    Sounds delish!!! I look forward to reading (and of course, trying) all your recipes!

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