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Cheddar Cheese January 25, 2009

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Who in their right mind does NOT love cheddar cheese….my husband!!!  UGH I swear this is one of the things that drives me nuts.  He doesn’t like cheese like I do and if you think I’m not making stuff with it on it, your talkin crazy now or YOU need to cook.  Okay, I feel better.  P.S.  He doesn’t like parmesan either!!!


Moving Day

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Well the time is finally here…my mother and stepfather officially live around the block from us 🙂  I’m so happppppppy!!!!  I’m also sore from all of the unloading of vehicle after vehicle.  Nothing like moving from Michigan to North Carolina and a few 1,000 square feet smaller home UGH.  I hope that one day, it all fits or gets sold ;).


This Says It All! January 21, 2009

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The Curls January 14, 2009

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It had to happen, I have to talk about my hair.  I have struggled with my curly/fro’d hair forever and then one day while sitting at the salon for 3 1/2 hours (every Tuesday) to get a wash and set, I thought, why can’t I figure out how to work with my curly hair, this is crazy and $$ and smells AND burns for Buddha sake.  So I researched it and found Naturally Curly and the rest is 9 years of being natural and how I met Judie :).  After learning how to deal with my hair, I cut my bra strap length relaxed hair to an inch or two of natural hair.  CONDITIONER is key to healthy natural hair and WATER…moisture…water is moisture…learn that.  I remember freaking out for so many years because of rain and humidity when my hair was relaxed that I wasted those years of my life.  So for anyone struggling with curly hair, go to Naturally Curly or Nappturality to get the help you need.  Favorite products, Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner, Cantu Shea Butter Leave In and whatever shampoo…no just conditioner washes for me (also known as No Poo)…tried, to limp and now that I use Cantu, it builds up.  I wash ever other day and puff the day in between.  My hair is color treated because I was lucky enough to grey prematurely and have a white stripe down the whole top of my head and I’m only 38…gotta love my Papaw’s uncle or whoever it was.  This has had such a positive effect on my life that my mommy now wears her hair wavy…she thought it was frizzy when we were at the Outer Banks and I told her it was wavy and just let it air dry with some mouse or conditioner in it and the rest is history…beautiful hair that she no longer fights with.  All can learn from what I say, white, black, yellow, green or pink…listen to what I type.


The Do!

The Do!


Old School – Kinda January 13, 2009

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Can you believe this is Robin Thicke!


For Kathy & Karen – Because I Can HEHEHEHE

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Okay, my 2 best friends names start with K…just realized that…shut it.  One more K and we have an problem LOL.

So tuna fish YUMMY LISHOUS…how much salad can I eat with tuna on it, obviously almost everyday d*mn day.  I love tuna fish, but one way I can hardly stomach is the way my hubby will eat tuna fish salad…over hot rice EWWW.  Hot mayo, just makes me feel like I’m going to toss my cookies.  My tuna salad recipe is different from most and I didn’t realize it until my friend Ingrid (from the Netherlands) said, so what, egg salad and tuna fish salad together (in my head I’m saying it with her accent, even though she doesn’t think she has one, you do!)…never thought about it.  My mom always put cut up hard boiled eggs in her tuna salad and that’s how I’ve always loved it.  Tuna fish, hard boiled eggs, mayo, mustard, onion, Adobo, pepper, maybe relish, mix, done and YUM.  If I’m in the mood I’ll put it over kidney beans…that’s sure to gross someone out.  Peace and afro grease!  

Yum, Tuna!

Yum, Tuna! - Pita cat




 For Kathy

 For Kupcake



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Take thy self to Aldi ASAP!  Our grocery bill used to be $800/mo. for 2 people and now it’s $300-$400/mo. Mind you, I still have to go to Bi-Lo for a few things, but not everything. When gas started to go up, I started taking the bus to Uptown Charlotte NC and saved hundreds on gas and parking.  While on the bus, we would pass Aldi, so I researched for about 2 weeks and off I went with my quarter in hand and my own bags.  You have to put a quarter in the cart to get it and when you take it back to the corral, you get it back…a quarters a freakin quarter okaaaay.  Also you have to bag yourself with your own bags or buy the bags there.  Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve turned into my mother and say things like, I know your not going to put that bleach with my bread youngin and just step away, I’ll do it!!!  So being able to bag myself without having to hurt the southern boys/girls feelings with my upfront Northern confrontation, is a joy!  

Aldi is a basic/bare bones store…one brand, Aldi and some special purchases of name brand stuff, but you don’t save that much on them unless they are still sitting there for a few weeks.  Stopped myself from getting processed Pringles for $.99 because of my upchuck theory and immediately thought, how can I make something that tastes like Chez Ums.  So if you want sugar, one brand THEIRS.  I love it, because there is no temptation.

My main purchases are fresh pork chops, fresh beef roast, frozen shrimp, tilapia and salmon as well as frozen ground beef. Canned sauces, beans, soups, mushrooms and evaporated milk (hate milk, so I make sure I have cans on hand for cooking), eggs, cheese, hazelnut creamer for coffee ($1 something compared to $3 something! LARGE size), dog food, dog treats, some pasta (I like whole grain, but sometimes I want white pasta), sugar, flour, spices, butter, tuna, some fresh fruit and veggies.  I’m sure there more, but you get the idea.

Things that may shock you.  Check out lines can get long, but because the cashier is not bagging your items, it moves quickly!  There are only like 4-5 lanes and your in and out so fast that your wife/husband will ask you, did you go or what…quoting my lovely husband (eyebrow up).  Also, you cannot use coupons, but prices are so low, you won’t be phased and they only take cash or debit cards…real money.