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What Happened Next November 25, 2012

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I am no longer unemployed. I was given the gift of 3 month’s of paid time off before I was called back to my employer for a new position that helped my way of thinking change. During the time off I became a raw vegan, than veggie and then vegan. Now I’m 60 pounds lighter and 85% vegan. I’m more open to my soul and the soul’s of others and getting myself to a place were the negative thoughts are easily washed away…having a belief that everything we are given helps us grow. When I say given, negative and joyous…you learn from everything! So now this blog is headed in a new direction, much like my life. I want to give and learn. I am open to a whole new me, I am open to a whole new love, life, attitude and the realization that I have been given life in order to LIVE and GIVE. Even traffic is life LOL, even a crappy meal is life, joy, sadness and all the emotions you experience are and is LIFE.

So the giving.  I know now, with a dear friends help, that I help people and never knew how much I meant to them.  So again, giving, I’d like to give what I’ve learned in my young 42 years to those who need an neutral opinion.  I don’t know you, I cannot pull from my past with you, but I can give you honesty without BS and without trying to shame you or make you feel worse.  Help is making others feel better, to open their minds and hearts, to pull from the strength you always had and redirect it…to forgive and move forward.

With that, let’s see what happens next!!


I’m Back May 22, 2009

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Finding things to write about is so freakin difficult!  There are a few things on my mind, possibly losing my job, getting out of debt and saving money!  I’ve budgeted for the losing of the job, I’m paying 2 bills off at the end of the month and putting the extra onto the last 2 and I’ve cut our grocery bill AGAIN!  A tip for not spending more money on groceries than you need is to make a list of what’s in your freezer and how many meals you can get out of that one item…right now I have 12, so no meat will be bought for a few weeks because of factoring in leftovers.  Also, ALDI is still my bestest friend!  I cook from scratch, no pre digested meals happening here and now I’m going to the farmers market for produce and my mother’s garden ;o).  So it sounds like I’m stressed, but I’m actually happy now that I have a plan…PLAN PLAN PLAN is the way to go and keep going!  The more bills I can get paid off before the displacement happens, the better off we’ll be!  So I hope everyone is preparing and saving…stretch it as far as you can!


Pizza…Oh the hell of it all March 20, 2009

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Okay, I’m from Michigan, the hubby is from New York, what kinda pizza do you think is going to work for use in the South UGH UGH UGH.  So far I have done my own by using dough in a tube…have to cook it a little first or it will be doughy in the middle…not my favorite.  Then pizza on bagels, pretty good, hubby was groovin on it, but I feel like it could be so much better.  So soon I shall hit Trader Joe’s and buy fresh dough and Tandoori bread and give those a spin.  LOVE garlic Tandoori bread from Trader Joe’s!!!!  The smell is wondermuss!!!!  Actually I have some blah Tandoori bread in the freezer from Bi-Lo and I may try that tonight…now I just have to get some cheese CRAP!

Oh, Happy Spring and it’s only 43 out right now WTF! 😉


Bar Method – 2nd DVD February 5, 2009

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OMG I fell over on a stretch LOL  I finally did the accelerated dvd and whoa doggy was that a workout…more intense, faster with longer reps.  I was able to do all of it though thanks to doing the first dvd for weeks.  I have a feeling pain is in my future tomorrow morning.  I walked away for the living room like a broken woman and I LOVE IT!!!  I don’t know if I can shower right away because standing is difficult right now 😉  It’s official, Judie has turned me into a workout whore!


The Crock-Pot February 4, 2009

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I have been using this puppy like crazy this winter and plan to keep doing so through out the year.  Cooks while your at work, less stress, tender cheap cuts of meat and who couldn’t stand to save money on food now  a days.  Everything from chili to pork tenderloin.  Let your main dish cook all day, come home to a wonderful smell and make a few sides, all done 🙂  Oh pink crock-pot (yes pink) how I love you!

Tips:  Make sure to sear your roast/tenderloin before putting it in, put in crock pot over night with your spices to marinate and you won’t regret it.  Yummy doodle!


The Bar Method…Still

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Oh, thank you again Judie!  I’m still doing the dvd 3-4 times a week and have gone down 3 belt holes!  It NEVER EVER gets easier, because the stronger you get the lower you go.  I cannot tell you how much I love this workout…no impact and a KILLER workout.  If you would like to lose weight and can afford to purchase the dvd’s, I recommend you do so, you will not be disappointed.  I have offically turned into a convert and would hug Burr if I ever met her!  15 thumbs up!!!!


Cheddar Cheese January 25, 2009

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Who in their right mind does NOT love cheddar cheese….my husband!!!  UGH I swear this is one of the things that drives me nuts.  He doesn’t like cheese like I do and if you think I’m not making stuff with it on it, your talkin crazy now or YOU need to cook.  Okay, I feel better.  P.S.  He doesn’t like parmesan either!!!